A Tuesday Walk on the Dyke

Well, it’s reached that point again; I’m again heavier than I can stand being, so it’s time to start the exercise in earnest again, no matter how busy I am.  I took myself off up onto Offa’s Dyke this morning; I’m fortunate enough to live on farmland that is adjacent to it, so I don’t have to drive anywhere to get to the most beautiful views – as these pictures show, despite being taken with my phone instead of a proper camera.

Looking towards Whitton, with Pilleth in the background 20150818_115458

Panorama North of Knighton

Last weekend I walked over Offa’s Dyke north of Knighton.  There’s one trig point where I was able to take a panorama of the whole 360 degree view.  A photo doesn’t really do it justice, especially when I took the photo with my phone, but I thought I’d share it anyway.  If you click on the image you’ll get a much larger view.