September Update

My word, it’s been a while.  I’ve been rather busy with work, Welsh, and my bookkeeping studies, so I haven’t had an awful lot to post about.  Perhaps I should mention one of my pet peeves at the moment:

I wish people wouldn’t assume that the government has this magical pot of money that comes out of thin air.  I wish they would remember that a rather large proportion of the money the government has comes from our taxes; that we are paying for things ourselves, and the government is administering the communal pot of money for us.  The NHS is a perfect example – why is it considered acceptable for anyone to have a breast enhancement for free, courtesy of the NHS?  I’m not talking about post-mastectomy, or having a reduction in order to ease back pain, I’m talking about those ladies who would feel better psychologically if their boobs were a D instead of an A cup.  Why are gastric bands an acceptable expense, particularly when most of the patients seem to be required to lose weight the traditional way for a while in order to qualify for the surgery?  They’ve proved they can do it, so why can’t they carry on?  It’s probably cheaper for the NHS to provide a gastric operation than to continue to treat all the illnesses and symptoms that result from the patient’s weight… should we treat self-inflicted problems for free?  I suppose it’s hard to define where to draw the line in such cases, but I really do feel that we’re spending far too much money on things that shouldn’t fall upon the national coffers.

I want HMRC to send out a statement to every tax payer at the end of the fiscal year showing them how much tax they’ve paid, and where that money has gone, what it has actually paid for.  I know we have this information stored in ginormous mainframes or in the cloud or somewhere – perhaps if people actually got to see it, they’d start to sit up and take a bit more notice…

I’m now done grumping.  I think.


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