Wartime Rations Experiment

Like plenty of other people have done before me, I’m thinking about trying a week or so on WWII UK rations.  I was thinking about health and the periods of history where we’ve eaten the most healthily based on life expectancy, etc, and it occurred to me that although WWII was a terrifically hard time for everyone, both those fighting and those keeping the home fires burning, the actual diet seemed to work well for many people in terms of keeping them slim and living to a ripe old age (assuming nothing bad befell them).

I’m doing some research, then I’ll pick a date that gives me time to clear out my fridge/cupboards/freezer etc of everything inappropriate for the experiment.  I have terrible self control, so if the crisps are there, I’ll eat them!  I’ve picked up a couple of books on the subject and I’m really very excited to get started.

There are a couple of lovely blogs on the subject that I’ll be reading:

Lavender & Lovage – Living Off Rations with Ration Book Cooking

London Unattached – Wartime Ration Challenge

There’s others, but these two were the ones I spotted today in a very quick Google search.




  1. Thanks for mentioning me and if you need any help, do contact me! Karen

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