Get Started Learning Welsh

Want to learn Welsh, but can’t make it to the scheduled group lessons in your area?

Want to learn Welsh, but you’re shy about practising among people you don’t know?

Want to learn Welsh, but you want to go at your own pace?

Learning with me, Sarah Graham, could be the answer.  I can provide:

  • Beginners’ Welsh lessons (South Walian or North Walian, whichever you’d prefer), following the new national syllabus.  This lets you slot back into group classes if you get the opportunity without any problem.
  • Lessons at any level, with a focus on South Walian Welsh and standard written Welsh if required.  While I understand North Walian Welsh, I wouldn’t like to say that I should be teaching it at a high level – the colloquialisms are too different from those I use myself.
  • Learn either at my home (as long as you can stand my cats joining in with the lessons!), your own home (small additional cost for travelling), or a location convenient to both of us, if you’re within a reasonable distance from Knighton, Powys
  • Learn over Skype if you’re anywhere else in the world, or you’d rather not deal with the hassle of face to face meet ups
  • Access to a great online revision tool, with the content created and voiced by me, so between lessons you can always revise, wherever you are
  • Email assistance between lessons
  • Exam preparation for the WJEC “Defnyddio’r Gymraeg: Mynediad” exam
  • Exam preparation for the WJEC “Defnyddio’r Gymraeg: Sylfaen” exam
  • Exam preparation for the WJEC “Defnyddio’r Gymraeg: Canolradd” exam
  • Exam preparation for the WJEC “Defnyddio’r Gymraeg: Uwch” exam

I offer a free half hour lesson as a trial to see if you enjoy learning with me, so there’s nothing to lose.

  • Private lessons cost £18 per hour (plus any associated travel costs), and the 11th lesson is free if you buy 10 en bloc.
  • Group lessons cost £14 per person (plus any associated travel costs), for two people, £10 per person for 3, or £8 per person for 4 or more.  If you already have a group of friends who want to learn together, great!  Otherwise, let me know you’re interested in group lessons and I’ll try to match you up with others of similar ability and availability.

Contact me and let me know how I can help you to learn Welsh!

Gwersi Cymraeg ar Skype – Skype Welsh Lessons

Gwersi Cymraeg ar Skype – Skype Welsh Lessons

Are you unable to get to a Welsh lesson in your community, but would still like a bit more structure...
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