Memrise – Cwrs Mynediad, fersiwn y De

I made this public some time ago, and I should probably mention it here!  Using the fabulous Memrise website, I’ve created a Mynediad course for South Walian.  Every word and phrase has audio to go along with it, so you can practice how to pronounce them as well as translate them and spell them.

Memrise is great for learning languages; first you see the Welsh and English translation together, then you have to do multiple choice questions to select the correct translation, for phrases you have to choose the words in order, you have to be able to listen to the phrases and understand them, and finally be able to actually type them in from scratch.  It means your spelling and grammar get a real workout!  It’s no substitute for actually being taught, it’s more of a complement to actual tuition, but it’s a fantastic aid.

One of my own Welsh tutors has sent the link out to all of her Mynediad students, and has had some fantastic feedback from them about how the structured layout really helps them to get things sensibly lodged in their minds.  I hope it can help you, too.

I’m working on a Sylfaen version next – watch this space!


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